Adopt-a-CPC Initiative Has Launched!

Yesterday, Austin NOW & Williamson County NOW Task Force launched our Adopt-a-CPC initiative with the help of dedicated NOW volunteers and members of the Austin chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. We are incredibly excited to get this project off the ground!


  • Spreading awareness of CPCs and the harm they do to people who can get pregnant via the lies they tell about abortion, birth control, and reproductive healthcare;
  • Drawing attention to Carol Everett and The Heidi Group, and their evangelical agenda to use taxpayer money to fund CPCs and ineffective abstinence-only education; and
  • Encouraging citizens of Central Texas to pressure local & state governments to STOP sending taxpayer money to right-wing evangelical groups like The Heidi Group and to STOP putting unqualified, greedy fear-mongers like Carol Everett on committees in Texas government in a clear violation of the separation of church & state.


  • NOW members sign up to “adopt” a CPC, pledging to protest the CPC at least twice monthly for a total of at least 4 hours.
  • CPC adopters agree to abide by rules of procedure and non-engagement with CPC employees/volunteers and anyone looking to argue and will be non-confrontational & law abiding at all times.
  • Austin or WilCo NOW will provide signs & materials for protesting CPCs and recruiting additional members/spreading awareness to passersby and potential CPC clients.

Our training in Round Rock went fabulously, and afterwards we were able to protest The Heidi Group’s offices as well as march down the street to a CPC associated with Carol Everett and protest them, too!

If you are interested in volunteering for the Adopt-a-CPC program, please contact Lexie at if you are in Travis County or Sharol at if you are in Williamson County. 

If you don’t live in Travis or Williamson County but you’d like to bring the Adopt-a-CPC program to your neck of the woods, send an email to either one of us or message us on Facebook (ATX or WilCo).


For justice and equality in central Texas!
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