A bunch of women eating chips in public

It started out as a joke… and then 8,000+ people responded. On Sunday, February 11, 2018, a bunch of women came together at the Texas Capitol to eat chips in public.


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Protest For Choice Success!

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Austin NOW & The Texas Handmaids Present: Protest For Choice

The Rally For Life, one of the biggest Texan anti-abortion events of the year, is happening the weekend following our celebration of Roe v Wade. They will be marching to the capitol, and we will be there to meet them.

Come on out and protest with us to show these anti-choice, anti-women people what we think of them and their backwards beliefs on reproductive healthcare.

-> Please keep in mind that NOW policy is NON-ENGAGEMENT with anti-choicers. This means that you must do your best to avoid any kind of confrontation, including “friendly” debate or argument, even when being baited by members of the opposing group. NOW does NOT condone harassment of any kind towards any group. Stand tall and talk with your fellow protesters, NOT with anti-abortion proponents looking to trick you into a fight.

-> YOUR PICTURE WILL BE TAKEN. It is almost a guarantee that we will all have multiple photos and videos taken of us by anti-choice attendees. If anonymity is a concern for you, we recommend a disguise of some kind (costumes and humor are absolutely welcome). Otherwise, this protest may not be for you.

Austin NOW will have signs for you to hold, but please feel free to bring your own, handmade or no. For specific details on meeting location & times, shoot us an email via Austin NOW.

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Surprise CPC Protest a Success!

What a fantastic protest tonight. Austin NOW, WilCo NOW Task Force, and the Texas Handmaids all came together to protest the north-central Austin CPC known as the John Paul II “Life” Center (quotations ours) and their fundraiser gala tonight. Not only was the protest a huge success, but we found a surprisingly great location (S 1st bridge during rush hour, holy moly); got a lot of honks and support; and had some tasty food & drinks at the Hyatt afterwards. We are super stoked about the awareness we were able to raise, and look forward to doing this again soon!

( Why do CPCs need fundraisers, anyway? They’re already benefiting from our tax dollars… )

Here are our favorite photos of the night – click to enlarge!


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Yard Sale Fundraiser Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at our yard sale fundraiser on Aug. 12 – it was a crazy successful, fun event and we kind of can’t believe it!

Gracias a todos los que vinieron a apoyarnos en nuestra recaudación de fondos para la venta de garaje el 12 de agosto – ¡fue un evento exitoso y divertido y no lo podemos creer!

We are now in a much better position to arm ourselves with signs, banners, swag, informational brochures, and MORE because of help from people like you! Austin NOW thanks our community for all the support–we won’t let you down.

Ahora estamos en una posición mucho mejor para armarnos con carteles, pancartas, swag, folletos informativos, y más por la ayuda de personas como usted! Austin NOW agradece a nuestra comunidad por todo el apoyo – no le decepcionaremos.

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Yard Sale Fundraiser is a Go!

We are so excited to get our yard sale fundraiser off the ground! This past Saturday, August 5, a bunch of amazing NOW members and supporters got together to unpack, fold, organize, and price items for the event, where we will be raising money for our Texas State NOW chapter (i.e. our financial backers!), as well as donating all leftover items to the Safe Alliance of Austin! Thank you to everyone who showed up (some had to leave before this photo was taken), including Daryl the zombie hunter and Portia, our resident NOW mascot and #HoundForChoice !

Please join us THIS Saturday, August 12, for the yard sale! One day only! In addition to hip clothes and gently used items, we will also have baked goods and beers from Oskar Blues Brewery available in exchange for your kind donations.

Interested parties will also be able to talk to NOW members & leaders about our organization and more about what we do, as well as join on the spot! (Cash preferred, but we will also have the ability to take credit cards if needed.)

We can’t wait to see you!

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Why are chapter dues sent to Texas State NOW?

Fairly often, we receive questions from people about why our chapter dues are sent to Texas State NOW rather than kept here locally. The answer is pretty simple, and best illustrated with the simple flowchart below:

While National NOW provides assistance for NOW state level chapters, the state chapters in turn provide support for local chapters and task forces. In that way, Texas State NOW essentially pools dues and donations from each individual chapter and provides assistance wherever needed. That is why we ask that you mail your dues to Texas State NOW HQ (located in Houston, as you will see on the mailing address on your dues form) rather than to an address for Austin NOW.

Hope that helps!

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Day of Resistance at the Capitol

…One of many to come.

We’ve been fighting what often feels like an uphill, impossible battle with conservative legislators in Texas, who have been pandering to extremist right-wing groups like the Tea Party for years now. But Texas progressives have had enough, and we are fighting harder than ever–even in the wake of a special session called by Governor Abbott, who has listed increased restrictions on abortion, the “bathroom bill,” and the persecution of trees among the top priorities of his administration during the session.

A huge coalition of organizations descended upon the Texas Capitol and legislators’ offices on the first day of the special session, July 18, 2017 to show the state what we’re made of, and that we’re not going away.

NOW members and supporters showed up with the rest of ’em, including many of us in the Handmaids, and we repped hard.


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We are hosting our first fundraiser!


Join the National Organization for Women at our first annual yard sale fundraiser event! All money raised on sale items will go directly to Texas NOW supplies for protests, rallies, and benefit events, so that our organization can continue to be the super cool grassroots feminist group that we are!

In exchange for donations, we will be providing clothes, craft items, swag, NOW t-shirts, food, drinks kindly donated from Oskar Blues Brewery, and more!

*Cash is preferable, but we will have the ability to take credit cards if needed.

CALL FOR DONATIONS: If you would like to donate items for sale, food, drinks, or another service, please contact austinareanow@gmail.com

All items unsold at the end of the day will be donated to Safe Alliance.

Facebook event link

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Happy 4th of July!

Stand tall, keep fighting. #Resist

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