Day of Resistance at the Capitol

…One of many to come.

We’ve been fighting what often feels like an uphill, impossible battle with conservative legislators in Texas, who have been pandering to extremist right-wing groups like the Tea Party for years now. But Texas progressives have had enough, and we are fighting harder than ever–even in the wake of a special session called by Governor Abbott, who has listed increased restrictions on abortion, the “bathroom bill,” and the persecution of trees among the top priorities of his administration during the session.

A huge coalition of organizations descended upon the Texas Capitol and legislators’ offices on the first day of the special session, July 18, 2017 to show the state what we’re made of, and that we’re not going away.

NOW members and supporters showed up with the rest of ’em, including many of us in the Handmaids, and we repped hard.



For justice and equality in central Texas!
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