Love Austin NOW and want to show your appreciation for what we do? We graciously accept donations of any amount!

Your kind donation to our chapter(s) will go DIRECTLY TO:

  • Supplies for protests & demonstrations: posterboard, markers, paint, stencils, water bottles, snacks, megaphone batteries
  • Paper & printer ink for pamphlets, registration forms
  • Writing utensils and clipboards for organizing meetings
  • Creating stickers, buttons, & t-shirts (i.e. SWAG!)
  • Our famous NOW fans!
  • Securing large meeting spaces for special events like Deputy Voter Registrar Training



There are several ways you can donate to us.

  1. Cash donation to any NOW officer at a meeting or event.
  2. Check made out to Texas State NOW (make sure to write “for Austin NOW chapter” in the notes section)–you can hand this check straight to a NOW officer, or you can mail the check to: Texas State NOW, P.O. Box 271423, Houston, TX 77277-1423
  3. Credit card transaction–NOW officers may have Square Register and the ability to charge your credit card on the spot.
  4. PayPal–you can send your donation to via PayPal and make sure to write in the notes “for Austin NOW chapter“!
  5. You may also join Austin NOW if you are not yet a member–dues are $40 annually, but on sliding scale if needed. (Anything over $15 will go straight to our chapter!)

Your gift makes a huge difference in our ability to function as a grassroots-level, all-volunteer organization. Thank you so much!